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Zero Color Bleaching Cream 250 g

 Hair Company Professional
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 Zero Color Bleaching Cream 250 g
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SKU: 6029

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Product Description

Zero Color Bleaching Cream Tube

Made in Italy

Hair Light expertly strips hair of colour thanks to a formula based on heavy, instead of volatile, powder. Mixed with the oxidising emulsion in "Hair Light" cream, Hair Light Bleach Powder is recommended for use with all hair lightener techniques, including bleached streaks, frosting and total bleaching. The bluish-purple pigment contained in the formula prevents discolouring to orange-yellow tones, and yields lighter, more uniform bleaching.

Recommended for:
- Highlights, frosting and full decolouration

Contains high amounts of:
- Karite Butter: rich in Antioxidant Vitamins
- Corn protein: protects and nourishes hair
natural beeswax: softents and enhances shine

- Protects hair and skin during the lightening process

Average number of applications:
- between 5 and 7

Safe for the skin when applied at low volumes

Method of use: mix with Hairlight oxidising emulsion in a non-metallic bowl at 10-20-30-40 volumes with a mixing ratio fo 1:2 to form a soft and easy to apply cream. The degree of hair lightening should be monitored throughout the processing time in relation to the desired effect, the application base and teh conditionof the hair. The lightening power can be increased by reducing the mixing ratio (eg. 1:1.5 - 1:1). For applications in which the product may come into contact with the skin, use 10 or 20 volume oxidants.

N.B. Warning: do not dilute the decolouring treatment to a ratio lower than 1:1. Lower volumes of oxygen will reduce the shade to which hair is lightenend.

Note: Color is an indication only and shade may vary depending on your monitor or printer.
Size: 250 g

SKU: 6029

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