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All Products
Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
8452CND SolarOil SM .25 oz8452C$5.88 C$4.70
523Coccinelle Pure White Acrylic 23 oz523C$119.99 C$83.99
1004IBD Soak Off Sweet Kisses 7 g1004C$14.95 C$7.48
1005IBD Soak Off First Date 7 g1005C$14.95 C$7.48
1006IBD Soak Off Unspoken Moments 7 g1006C$14.95 C$7.48
1009IBD Soak Off Love Notes 7 g1009C$14.95 C$7.48
1013IBD Soak Off Must Have 7 g1013C$14.95 C$7.48
1017IBD Soak Off Pre-sale 7 g1017C$14.95 C$7.48
1019IBD Soak Off Maxed Out 7 g1019C$14.95 C$7.48
1022IBD Soak Off Too Many Shoes 7 g1022C$14.95 C$7.48
1024IBD Soak Off Over The Limit 7 g1024C$14.95 C$7.48
1026IBD Soak Off Girl's Night Out 7 g1026C$14.95 C$7.48
1027IBD Soak Off Who's Driving 7 g1027C$14.95 C$7.48
1029IBD Soak Off After Party 7 g1029C$14.95 C$7.48
1031IBD Soak Off Social Butterfly 7 g1031C$14.95 C$7.48
1032IBD Soak Off Party Dress 7 g1032C$14.95 C$7.48
1033IBD Soak Off I'm With The DJ 7 g1033C$14.95 C$7.48
1037IBD Soak Off Glitter Glitzy Gle 7 g1037C$14.95 C$7.48
1042IBD Soak Off Glitter Sun Bronze 7 g1042C$14.95 C$7.48
1044IBD Soak Off Glitter Peach Para 7 g1044C$14.95 C$7.48
1045IBD Soak Off Glitter Chandlier 7 g1045C$14.95 C$7.48
1046IBD Soak Off Glitter Pave Diamo 7 g1046C$14.95 C$7.48
1063IBD Tangerine Dream Gel .25 oz1063C$14.95 C$7.48
1066IBD Xtreme Gel Perfect French Kit1066C$79.95 C$63.96
1081IBD Cabernet .25 oz1081C$14.95 C$7.48
1085IBD UV Top Coat 4 oz1085C$59.95 C$47.96
109Avanti Universal Voltage black 1/2"109C$31.00 C$24.80
117Avanti Ultra Wet Dry Black 1-3/8"117C$175.00 C$140.00
1185Gehwol Blister Plaster 6/Box1185C$10.50 C$8.40
1262Nobility Lemon Brite #11 1/8 oz1262C$17.49 C$5.25
1282Nobility Dragon Fruit #19 1/8 oz1282C$17.49 C$5.25
136Isinis Ceramic 3 Barrel Waving 5/8"136C$62.00 C$49.60
1436Q Buffers 5 Chamois Small 2/Pack1436C$7.50 C$6.00
1437Q Buffers 5 Chamois Big 2/Pack1437C$10.00 C$8.00
1439Q Buffers 5 Chamois Handle Big 2/Pack1439C$11.25 C$9.00
149Magicap Streaking Cap 12/box149C$18.75 C$15.00
1531Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0071531C$1.99 C$1.00
1539OPI Barefoot In Barcelona 15 ml1539Call for Price!
163Dannyco Replacement Blades 10/Box163C$16.25 C$13.00
1633Acrylic Display 18 Nail Art1633C$12.99
1640Pumice Pad 24/Box1640C$24.99
1658Buffer Block Black Blue White 500/Box1658C$299.95
1660Buffer Block 4 Way 500/Box1660C$299.95
1661Buffer Block 4 Way Shinning 550/Box1661C$299.95
1662Buffer Block Blue 120 500/Box1662C$250.00
1666Buffer Slim Purple 60/100 500/Box1666C$150.00
17Ginza 3 One Side Marbler17C$7.99
1775Princessa 01P Pearl Rich Black .25 g1775C$1.99
1778Princessa 36P Pearl Blackberry .25 g1778C$1.99
1783Princessa 146P Pearl Frou .25 g1783C$1.99
1785Princessa 176P Pearl Slate Blue .25 g1785C$1.99
1787Princessa 191P Pearl Silver .25 g1787C$1.99
1789Princessa 10 Queens Brown .25 g1789C$1.99
1802Princessa 173 Earth .25 g1802C$1.99
1804Princessa 182 Indian Red .25 g1804C$1.99
182Aqua Spa 8182C$5,995.00 C$4,796.00
1899BaBylissPro Digital Iron Blue 1"1899C$100.00 C$60.00
1996Elegant French X-tra 2 50/Bag1996C$1.75
20Ginza 6 Liner Shader Brush20C$7.50
2015Rhinestones - Amber 1440/Pack2015C$14.99 C$4.50
2017Rhinestones - Purple 1440/Pack2017C$14.99 C$4.50
2018Rhinestones - Blue 1440/Pack2018C$14.99 C$4.50
2025OmMe Tips Baby Blue 110/Box2025C$19.99
2029OmMe Tips Hot Pink 110/Box2029C$19.99
2030OmMe Tips Purple Pink Glitter 110/Box2030C$19.99
2031OmMe Tips Rosie Pink Box 110/Box2031C$19.99
2032OmMe Tips Sapphire Blue Glitter 110/Box2032C$19.99
2033OmMe Tips Fire Red Glitter 110/Box2033C$19.99
2074OPI Base Coat Acrylic Nail 15ml2074Call for Price!
2125OPI On Collins Ave. 15 ml2125Call for Price!
2146OPI On The Same Paige 15 ml2146Call for Price!
2147OPI The "It" Color 15 ml2147Call for Price!
2212Princessa Cafe Latte .21 oz2212C$2.60
2213Princessa Cocoa .21 oz2213C$2.60
2222Aeroflash 3 Scarlet 1 oz2222C$10.99
2224Aeroflash 11 Deep Yellow 1 oz2224C$10.99
2227Aeroflash 21 May Green 1 oz2227C$10.99
2228Aeroflash 22 Moss Green 1 oz2228C$10.99
2233Aeroflash 32 Cobalt Blue 1 oz2233C$10.99
2234Aeroflash 33 Ultramarine 1 oz2234C$10.99
01.Buffer White Mini 100/180 Single
02.Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack
03.GiGi Paraffin Lavender 1 lb
04.Buffer Block White 120 Single
05.Nail Clipper Straight
06.Epillyss White Queen Wax 20 oz

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