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Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
523Coccinelle Pure White Acrylic 23 oz523C$119.99 C$83.99
3727Art Club 047 Robin's Egg .25 oz3727C$3.50 C$1.75
8452CND SolarOil SM .25 oz8452C$6.99 C$4.70
11473Ultra Blackhead Remover11473C$6.99 C$5.59
1004IBD Soak Off Sweet Kisses 7 g1004C$14.95 C$7.48
1005IBD Soak Off First Date 7 g1005C$14.95 C$7.48
1006IBD Soak Off Unspoken Moments 7 g1006C$14.95 C$7.48
1009IBD Soak Off Love Notes 7 g1009C$14.95 C$7.48
1013IBD Soak Off Must Have 7 g1013C$14.95 C$7.48
1017IBD Soak Off Pre-sale 7 g1017C$14.95 C$7.48
1019IBD Soak Off Maxed Out 7 g1019C$14.95 C$7.48
1024IBD Soak Off Over The Limit 7 g1024C$14.95 C$7.48
1026IBD Soak Off Girl's Night Out 7 g1026C$14.95 C$7.48
1027IBD Soak Off Who's Driving 7 g1027C$14.95 C$7.48
1029IBD Soak Off After Party 7 g1029C$14.95 C$7.48
1031IBD Soak Off Social Butterfly 7 g1031C$14.95 C$7.48
1032IBD Soak Off Party Dress 7 g1032C$14.95 C$7.48
1037IBD Soak Off Glitter Glitzy Gle 7 g1037C$14.95 C$7.48
1042IBD Soak Off Glitter Sun Bronze 7 g1042C$14.95 C$7.48
1045IBD Soak Off Glitter Chandlier 7 g1045C$14.95 C$7.48
1063IBD Tangerine Dream Gel .25 oz1063C$14.95 C$7.48
1066IBD Xtreme Gel Perfect French Kit1066C$79.95 C$63.96
1081IBD Cabernet .25 oz1081C$14.95 C$7.48
1085IBD UV Top Coat 4 oz1085C$59.95 C$47.96
117Avanti Ultra Wet Dry Black 1-3/8"117C$175.00 C$140.00
1282Nobility Dragon Fruit #19 1/8 oz1282C$17.49 C$5.25
136Isinis Ceramic 3 Barrel Waving 5/8"136C$62.00 C$49.60
1437Q Buffers 5 Chamois Big 2/Pack1437C$10.00 C$8.00
1439Q Buffers 5 Chamois Handle Big 2/Pack1439C$11.25 C$9.00
1531Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0071531C$1.99 C$1.00
163Dannyco Replacement Blades 10/Box163C$16.25 C$13.00
1633Acrylic Display 18 Nail Art1633C$12.99
1640Pumice Pad 24/Box1640C$24.99
1658Buffer Block Black Blue White 500/Box1658C$299.95
1660Buffer Block 4 Way 500/Box1660C$299.95
1661Buffer Block 4 Way Shinning 550/Box1661C$299.95
1662Buffer Block Blue 120 500/Box1662C$275.00
1666Buffer Slim Purple 60/100 500/Box1666C$150.00
17Ginza 3 One Side Marbler17C$7.99
182Aqua Spa 8182C$5,995.00 C$4,796.00
1899BaBylissPro Digital Iron Blue 1"1899C$100.00 C$80.00
1996Elegant French X-tra 2 50/Bag1996C$1.75
20Ginza 6 Liner Shader Brush20C$7.50
2015Rhinestones - Amber 1440/Pack2015C$14.99 C$4.50
2017Rhinestones - Purple 1440/Pack2017C$14.99 C$4.50
2018Rhinestones - Blue 1440/Pack2018C$14.99 C$4.50
2025OmMe Tips Baby Blue 110/Box2025C$19.99
2029OmMe Tips Hot Pink 110/Box2029C$19.99
2030OmMe Tips Purple Pink Glitter 110/Box2030C$19.99
2031OmMe Tips Rosie Pink Box 110/Box2031C$19.99
2033OmMe Tips Fire Red Glitter 110/Box2033C$19.99
2146OPI On The Same Paige 15 ml2146Call for Price!
2224Aeroflash 11 Deep Yellow 1 oz2224C$10.99
2227Aeroflash 21 May Green 1 oz2227C$10.99
2228Aeroflash 22 Moss Green 1 oz2228C$10.99
2233Aeroflash 32 Cobalt Blue 1 oz2233C$10.99
2234Aeroflash 33 Ultramarine 1 oz2234C$10.99
2242Aeroflash 61 Grey No. 9 1 oz2242C$10.99
2243Aeroflash 62 Grey No. 8 1 oz2243C$10.99
2244Aeroflash 63 Grey No. 7 1 oz2244C$10.99
2245Aeroflash 64 Grey No. 6 1 oz2245C$10.99
2246Aeroflash 65 Grey No. 5 1 oz2246C$10.99
2247Aeroflash 66 Grey No. 4 1 oz2247C$10.99
225Taper 89 w/ Battery Trimmer225Call for Price!
2252Aeroflash 74 Opaque Yellow 1 oz2252C$10.99
2256Aeroflash 78 Opaque Brown 1 oz2256C$10.99
2258Aeroflash 81 Opaque Jaune Bril 1 oz2258C$10.99
2262Aeroflash 94 Luminous Rose 1 oz2262C$10.99
232Wahl Peanut White Trimmer Kit232Call for Price!
2327Dannyco Foil Roll Heavy 5 lb2327C$49.99 C$39.99
2344Carbide Backfill Coarse SLV SM 3/32"2344C$15.00 C$12.00
2345Carbide SLV Backfill Short 3/32"2345C$15.00 C$12.00
2357Berkeley 3D Nail Decal A0092357C$1.99 C$1.00
2373Balance Builder Radiant Pink 4 oz2373C$89.95 C$44.98
2385Aeroflash 13 Lemon Yellow 1 oz2385C$10.99
2387Nobility Tame Leopard #1 1/8 oz2387C$17.49 C$5.25
239Wahl #6 & #8 Guides Set of 2239Call for Price!
2392Nobility Candy Kisses #22 1/8 oz2392C$17.49 C$5.25
2393Nobility Silver Shimmer #23 1/8 oz2393C$17.49 C$5.25
2405Nobility Pomagranate #17 1/8 oz2405C$17.49 C$5.25
01.Buffer White Mini 100/180 Single
02.Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack
03.GiGi Paraffin Lavender 1 lb
04.Epillyss White Queen Wax 20 oz
05.Buffer Orange Mini 100/180 Single
06.Buffer Block White 120 Single

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