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T36 Disinfex Unscented Gallon

 T36 Disinfex
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 T36 Disinfex Unscented Gallon
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SKU: 11139

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Product Description

T36 Disinfex
Hard Surface Disinfectant
Fast Acting
Cleans and deodorizes
Bactericidal - Fungicidal - Virucidal - Tuberculocidal
4 Litres

May be used where food is manufactured, stored and processed, health care facilities, personal service establishments, laboratories and hospital settings.

DIRECTIONS: Preclean hard surfaces to remove debris prior to disinfection.

HARD SURFACES: Spray T36 Disinfex on hard non-porous surfaces to be disinfected and wait 5 minutes. Left over or unused product and empty container should be discarded according to federal, provincial/territorial and regional/municipal legislation.

DIRECTIONS FOR HIV: All personnel responsible for cleaning items soiled with blood or bodily fluids should wear barrier protection such as gloves, masks, protective eyewear and gowns. Disposal of all cleaning materials and waste should be placed in an appropriate container labeled "Biohazardous Material". This product is intended for use against HIV only in those settings where contamination by blood or bodily fluids is likely.

FOR FOOD PLANT AND OTHER INDUSTRIAL USE: If using on surfaces that come in contact with food, rinse surface with potable water after disinfection. Avoid contamination of food during application and storage.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON WARM PLASTICS: Test for compatibility. Allow surfaces to cool to room temperature before treating.

FURNITURE AND OTHER POROUS SURFACES: Before treating entire surface, test a small, inconspicuous area for compatibility. If compatible, wet a paper towel with T36 Disinfex or use T36 Disinfex Wipes, wipe surface evenly and allow to air dry.

PRECAUTIONS: Skin irritations are uncommon, but should a reaction occur, discontinue use immediately. Avoid breathing vapours. May irritate eyes, nose and throat. Nor for internal use. Do not use in hospital nurseries. Keep our of reach of children.

Ethanol 70% (W/W)
O-Phenylphenol 0.28% (W/W)
Benzalkonium chloride 0.20% (W/W)

Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.01% (W/W)
Nonoxynol-9 0.05% (W/W)
Size: Gallon

SKU: 11139

UPC: 0183535000148

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