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Featured Products

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  PFB Vanish 4 oz    PFB Vanish 4 oz 
 C$21.95  C$17.56 
  Avanti Pro Hair Dryer Pink    Avanti Pro Hair Dryer Pink 
 C$56.00  C$44.80 
  GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax 14 oz    GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax 14 oz 
  Ardell Multipack 110 4 Pairs    Ardell Multipack 110 4 Pairs 
  Wahl Chromado & Chromini Deal Duo Pack    Wahl Chromado & Chromini Deal Duo Pack 
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  Footlogix Very Dry Skin 3 120 ml    Footlogix Very Dry Skin 3 120 ml 
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  NSI Nail Wipes 200/Box    NSI Nail Wipes 200/Box 
  Seche Vite Top Coat .5 oz    Seche Vite Top Coat .5 oz 
  Q Pink Cutter Medium Curve    Q Pink Cutter Medium Curve 
  Pedicure Scrub Shrinkwrap 32oz    Pedicure Scrub Shrinkwrap 32oz 
 C$35.43  C$17.72 
  Gehwol Med Salve Cracked Skin 125 ml    Gehwol Med Salve Cracked Skin 125 ml 
  Avena Pro Hairloss Shampoo 16 oz    Avena Pro Hairloss Shampoo 16 oz 
  Dannyco Lolliband Hair Elastics    Dannyco Lolliband Hair Elastics 
 C$3.99  C$2.50 
  KM Direct Bond Nail Glue .07 oz    KM Direct Bond Nail Glue .07 oz 
  Nail Tek 2 15 ml    Nail Tek 2 15 ml 
  Princessa Girly Nail Files 24/Set    Princessa Girly Nail Files 24/Set 
 C$36.00  C$18.00 
  Color Club 1094 Crystal Baller 15 ml    Color Club 1094 Crystal Baller 15 ml 
  Ardell Demi Wispies    Ardell Demi Wispies 
  MoYou Image Plate 210    MoYou Image Plate 210 
  Gehwol Fusskraft Nail Skin Spra 50 ml    Gehwol Fusskraft Nail Skin Spra 50 ml 
  Barbicide 473 ml 16 oz    Barbicide 473 ml 16 oz 
  Nail Clipper Straight    Nail Clipper Straight 
  WECHEER Mini Engraver 2 3/32"    WECHEER Mini Engraver 2 3/32" 
 C$79.95  C$63.96 
  Wahl Peanut Purple Trimmer Kit    Wahl Peanut Purple Trimmer Kit 
  Call for Price! 
  Footlogix Foot Spa Essentials    Footlogix Foot Spa Essentials 
 C$24.95  C$19.96 
  China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy 15 ml    China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy 15 ml 
  Silkline 2 Sided Foot File Wood    Silkline 2 Sided Foot File Wood 
  Buffer Block Pink 120 Single    Buffer Block Pink 120 Single 
  CND RescueRXx Keratin Treatment 15 ml    CND RescueRXx Keratin Treatment 15 ml 
  Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 32 oz    Blue Cross Cuticle Remover 32 oz 
  Sparitual Multi-Tasker 15 ml    Sparitual Multi-Tasker 15 ml 
  Call for Price! 
  Kiss Me Mascara Blue 6 g    Kiss Me Mascara Blue 6 g 
 C$21.50  C$12.99 
  Dermalyss Azulen Wax 20 oz    Dermalyss Azulen Wax 20 oz 
  Avena Proport Anti Hair Loss 125 ml    Avena Proport Anti Hair Loss 125 ml 
  Satin Smooth Single Pro Wax Kit    Satin Smooth Single Pro Wax Kit 
  Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack    Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack 
  Duo Adhesive Brush On Clear .18 oz    Duo Adhesive Brush On Clear .18 oz 
  Chair Facial Face Rest    Chair Facial Face Rest 
 C$399.95  C$319.96 
  Intensive Tint Middle Brown 20 ml    Intensive Tint Middle Brown 20 ml 
  Cyclic Silver Cleansing Bar 40 g    Cyclic Silver Cleansing Bar 40 g 
  OPI Pure 18K White Gold Silver 15 ml    OPI Pure 18K White Gold Silver 15 ml 
 C$18.70  C$14.95 
  Epillyss White Queen Wax 20 oz    Epillyss White Queen Wax 20 oz 
  Hello Kitty Face Cherries    Hello Kitty Face Cherries 
 C$4.99  C$2.50 
  Just Gel Ooh La Lace .5 oz    Just Gel Ooh La Lace .5 oz 
 C$14.99  C$10.50 
  Ikonna Mini White File 100/100 50/Pack    Ikonna Mini White File 100/100 50/Pack 
  Pedicure Scrub Shrinkwrap 32oz    Pedicure Scrub Shrinkwrap 32oz 
 C$35.43  C$17.72 
  Moda Total Face White 7 pc Set    Moda Total Face White 7 pc Set 
  Kyoko 14 R Kolinsky Brush    Kyoko 14 R Kolinsky Brush 
 C$23.99  C$14.39 
  Buffer File Coffin 3 Way Single    Buffer File Coffin 3 Way Single 
  D-205 Nail Nippers    D-205 Nail Nippers 
  SureFit Glove Latex Powder Free Small    SureFit Glove Latex Powder Free Small 
  Volcano Foot Massage Stone    Volcano Foot Massage Stone 
 C$3.99  C$2.99 
  CND Mango & Coconut Lotion 31 oz    CND Mango & Coconut Lotion 31 oz 
  Plastic Cuticle Pusher 7 inch    Plastic Cuticle Pusher 7 inch 
  INM OTD Top Coat .5 oz    INM OTD Top Coat .5 oz 
  Brushegg Black    Brushegg Black 
  Hello Kitty White File Small    Hello Kitty White File Small 
 C$3.99  C$2.00 
  Coccinelle Top Coat Fast Dry .5 oz    Coccinelle Top Coat Fast Dry .5 oz 
  Red Cherry Lashes 43 Stevi    Red Cherry Lashes 43 Stevi 
  Petal Fresh Whitening Massage 7 oz    Petal Fresh Whitening Massage 7 oz 
  MODEL 21 Lashes 10 Box    MODEL 21 Lashes 10 Box 
  Dermalyss Natural Honey Wax 20 oz    Dermalyss Natural Honey Wax 20 oz 
  BaBylissPro Hairdryer Duo Kit    BaBylissPro Hairdryer Duo Kit 
 C$75.00  C$70.00 
  Epillyss Zestasol Wax Cleaner 1 Litre    Epillyss Zestasol Wax Cleaner 1 Litre 
  Pro Power 20K    Pro Power 20K 
 C$495.00  C$396.00 
  Footlogix Tincture 7NT BOXED Duo Pack    Footlogix Tincture 7NT BOXED Duo Pack 
  Call for Price! 
  TV Paint Stick Oriental 25 g    TV Paint Stick Oriental 25 g 
  PUREDERM Feminine Wipes 15/bag    PUREDERM Feminine Wipes 15/bag 
  Fractured Broken Tokens 15 ml    Fractured Broken Tokens 15 ml 
 C$5.99  C$2.00 
  Hello Kitty Face Paw Red Bow    Hello Kitty Face Paw Red Bow 
 C$4.99  C$2.50 
  Gouni Starter Kit    Gouni Starter Kit 
  Hello Kitty Face & Bows    Hello Kitty Face & Bows 
 C$4.99  C$2.50 

01.Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack
02.Buffer White Mini 100/180 Single
03.Nail Clipper Straight
04.Buffer Block White 120 Single
05.Silkline 2 Sided Foot File Wood
06.Red Cherry Lashes 43 Stevi

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