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All Products
Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
6331Kryolan Stargazer Pitch Black 70 ml6331C$10.50 C$8.40
6333Kryolan Stargazer Coral Gold 70 ml6333C$10.50 C$8.40
6334Kryolan Stargazer Copper 70 ml6334C$10.50 C$8.40
6338Kryolan Stargazer African Green 70 ml6338C$10.50 C$8.40
6339Kryolan Stargazer Yellow 70 ml6339C$10.50 C$8.40
6382OPI Just Spotted the Lizard 15 ml6382Call for Price!
6361Gift Certificate Blue Butterfly6361C$6.99
6365Color Club 955 Blushing Rose 15 ml6365C$3.99
6438Princessa 01 Black .25 g6438C$1.99
6420Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S46420C$17.95 C$14.36
6419Kryolan Lashes Show Bizz K-026419C$11.95 C$9.56
6412Kryolan Premium Shadow Brush 6 mm6412C$29.95 C$23.96
6411Kryolan Professional Dome Brush6411C$15.95 C$12.76
6410Kryolan Lashes Showgirl Wing6410C$17.95 C$14.36
6409Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S76409C$17.95 C$14.36
6408DC Cream Compact D4 .5 oz6408C$42.95 C$34.36
6407DC Cream Compact D4W .5 oz6407C$42.95 C$34.36
6406DC Cream Compact D 8W .5 oz6406C$42.95 C$34.36
6405DC Cream Compact D51 .5 oz6405C$42.95 C$34.36
6404DC Camouflage Cream Tub 30 g6404C$42.95 C$34.36
6403DC Body Camouflage 1 oz6403C$42.95 C$34.36
6402Kryolan Fixier Non-Aerosol 100 ml6402C$28.95 C$23.16
6439Princessa 03 Brown .25 G6439C$1.99
6436OPI Nail Apps Pink Silver Lace 16/Pack6436C$9.95 C$3.95
6434OPI Nail Apps Zig Zag Sparkle 16/Pack6434C$9.95 C$3.95
6433OPI Nail Apps Geometric Sparkle 16/Pack6433C$9.95 C$3.95
6430OPI Nail Apps Pink & Black Lace 16/Pack6430C$9.95 C$3.95
6428OPI Nail Apps Reptile 16/Pack6428C$9.95 C$3.95
6427OPI Nail Apps Parisian 16/Pack6427C$9.95 C$3.95
6390Mini Desk Top Fan6390C$19.99
6432OPI Nail Apps Sequins 16/Pack6432C$9.95 C$3.95
6487Art Club Duo Pen Sea Lavender .35 oz6487C$3.99 C$2.39
6500Art Club Duo Pen Holo Lilac .35 oz6500C$3.99 C$2.39
6499Art Club Duo Pen Holo Steel .35 oz6499C$3.99 C$2.39
6458TV Paint Stick FS38 25 g6458C$32.95
6457TV Paint Stick FS36 25 g6457C$32.96
6788Swarovski Crystal SS20 1440/Pack6788C$190.00
6455DC Camouflage Cream 4 g6455C$24.95 C$19.96
6454DC Erase Stick D13 4 g6454C$21.50 C$17.20
6492Art Club Duo Pen Neon Green .35 oz6492C$3.99
6505Art Club Duo Pen Pink Pastel .35 oz6505C$3.99 C$2.39
7197Cala Nail Strip Reptile Light 20/Pack7197C$4.99
6519Art Club Duo Pen Pink Chrome .35 oz6519C$3.99 C$2.39
6520Art Club Black, White & Bling Large6520C$3.99 C$2.39
6521Art Club Refined Leopard Large6521C$3.99 C$2.39
6522Art Club Diamond Studded Large6522C$3.99 C$2.39
6523Art Club Vivid Zebra Large6523C$3.99 C$2.39
6524Art Club Golden Zebra Large6524C$3.99 C$2.39
6525Art Club Mad For Plaid Large6525C$3.99 C$2.39
6526Art Club Traditional Zebra Large6526C$3.99 C$2.39
6528Art Club Black w/ Studs Large6528C$3.99 C$2.39
6529Art Club Tan Zebra Large6529C$3.99 C$2.39
6530Art Club Pink Leopard Large6530C$3.99 C$2.39
6531Art Club Hot Dots Large6531C$3.99 C$2.39
6532Art Club Sparkle Dots Large6532C$3.99 C$2.39
6534Art Club Black Lace Large6534C$3.99 C$2.39
6536Art Club Freedom Large6536C$3.99 C$2.39
6537Art Club Check, Please! Large6537C$3.99 C$2.39
6538Art Club Plaid Studs Large6538C$3.99 C$2.39
6540Art Club Retro Girl Large6540C$3.99 C$2.39
6547Art Club 108 Green Rainbow .25 oz6547C$3.50 C$1.75
6548Art Club 109 Blue Hologram .25 oz6548C$3.50
6549Art Club 110 Mermaid .25 oz6549C$3.50
6552Art Club 113 All Dolled Up .25 oz6552C$3.50 C$1.75
6554Color Club Lights Out6554C$6.99 C$2.00
6739GelColor Thanks a Windmill 15 ml6739Call for Price!
6733GelColor I Eat Mainly Lob.. 15 ml6733Call for Price!
8555Nail Gem Bow with AB Center Small8555C$1.25
8568Nail Gem Bow Silver Style 7 Small8568C$1.25
6812Large Glitter Tips 6 White 110/Box6812C$19.99 C$9.99
6791Highlighting Comb & Plastic Pack6791C$29.99
6768IBD Jet LED Lamp6768C$249.95 C$199.96
6824Large Glitter Tips 33 Orchid 110/Box6824C$19.99 C$9.99
6782Kryolan Eyeshadow Refill Godet .5 oz6782C$13.50 C$10.80
6784Q Pink Cutter Straight6784C$17.50
6796Large Glitter Tips 35 Azure 110/Box6796C$19.99 C$9.99
6809Large Glitter Tips 1 Magenta 110/Box6809C$19.99 C$9.99
6795Large Glitter Tips 8 Purple 110/Box6795C$19.99 C$9.99
6794Large Glitter Tips 24 Red 110/Box6794C$19.99 C$9.99
6789Swarovski Crystal SS20 100/Jar6789C$15.95
01.Buffer White Mini 100/180 Single
02.Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack
03.Buffer Block White 120 Single
04.Nail Clipper Straight
05.GiGi Paraffin Lavender 1 lb
06.SureFit Glove Latex Powder Free Small

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