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All Products
Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
6110GelColor Brisbane Bronze 15 ml6110Call for Price!
6114GelColor A Grape Fit! 15 ml6114Call for Price!
6116GelColor My Private Jet 15 ml6116Call for Price!
6138OPI Absolute Liquid Monomer 870 ml6138Call for Price!
6178Kryolan Dry Rouge R19 .15 oz6178C$15.95 C$12.76
6153Simplicity LE Pedicure Spa6153C$5,510.00 C$4,408.00
6154Simplicity SE Pedicure Spa6154C$4,533.00 C$3,626.40
6177Kryolan Dry Rouge TO .15 oz6177C$15.95 C$12.76
6149Echo SE Pedicure Spa6149C$7,133.00 C$5,706.40
6190Kryolan Lashes Peacock Black6190C$17.95 C$14.36
6191Kryolan Lashes Peacock White6191C$17.95 C$14.36
6193Kryolan Lashes Peacock Red6193C$17.95 C$14.36
6194Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S26194C$17.95 C$14.36
6179Kryolan Dry Rouge R9 .15 oz6179C$15.95 C$12.76
6174Kryolan Concealer Cube 16174C$27.95 C$22.36
6150Signature Drop-In Basin6150C$2,811.00 C$2,248.80
6180Kryolan Dry Rouge Shading Red .15 oz6180C$15.95 C$12.76
6152Vantage VE Pedicure Spa6152C$5,680.00 C$4,544.00
6156Discharge Pump6156C$390.00
6155Pedicute Portable Footspa6155C$1,260.00 C$1,008.00
6168Avanti Turbo Hairdryer Red6168C$137.50
6188Kryolan Lashes Peacock Pink6188C$17.95 C$14.36
6197DC Cream Compact D55 .5 oz6197C$42.95 C$34.36
6196DC Cream Compact D56 .5 oz6196C$42.95 C$34.36
6187Kryolan Lashes Peacock Owl6187C$17.95 C$14.36
6186Kryolan Dry Rouge 075 .15 oz6186C$15.95 C$12.76
6185Kryolan Dry Rouge 665G .15 oz6185C$15.95 C$12.76
6181Kryolan Dry Rouge Lake .15 oz6181C$15.95 C$12.76
6183Kryolan Dry Rouge T1 .15 oz6183C$15.95 C$12.76
6182Kryolan Dry Rouge TC1 .15 oz6182C$15.95 C$12.76
6214Kryolan Lashes Showgirl SG-26214C$11.95 C$9.56
8474Vinylux Aurora 15 ml8474C$7.45
6166Organic Argan Oil Spray 120 ml6166C$24.95
6218Kryolan Dry Rouge TC2 .15 oz6218C$15.95 C$12.76
6287Ardell 139 Glamour6287C$5.95 C$2.99
6290Ardell 311 Accents6290C$5.95
6305Friends Pro Barber Shaver Pack6305C$9.99
6316Kryolan Dry Rouge Youth Red .15 oz6316C$15.95 C$12.76
6317Kryolan Dry Rouge SM .15 oz6317C$15.95 C$12.76
6318Kryolan Dry Rouge R6 .15 oz6318C$15.95 C$12.76
6319Kryolan Dry Rouge Shading Brown .15 oz6319C$15.95 C$12.76
6331Kryolan Stargazer Pitch Black 70 ml6331C$10.50 C$8.40
6333Kryolan Stargazer Coral Gold 70 ml6333C$10.50 C$8.40
6334Kryolan Stargazer Copper 70 ml6334C$10.50 C$8.40
6338Kryolan Stargazer African Green 70 ml6338C$10.50 C$8.40
6339Kryolan Stargazer Yellow 70 ml6339C$10.50 C$8.40
6382OPI Just Spotted the Lizard 15 ml6382Call for Price!
6361Gift Certificate Blue Butterfly6361C$6.99
6365Color Club 955 Blushing Rose 15 ml6365C$3.99 C$2.00
6438Princessa 01 Black .25 g6438C$1.99
6420Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S46420C$17.95 C$14.36
6419Kryolan Lashes Show Bizz K-026419C$11.95 C$9.56
6412Kryolan Premium Shadow Brush 6 mm6412C$29.95 C$23.96
6411Kryolan Professional Dome Brush6411C$15.95 C$12.76
6410Kryolan Lashes Showgirl Wing6410C$17.95 C$14.36
6409Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S76409C$17.95 C$14.36
6408DC Cream Compact D4 .5 oz6408C$42.95 C$34.36
6407DC Cream Compact D4W .5 oz6407C$42.95 C$34.36
6406DC Cream Compact D 8W .5 oz6406C$42.95 C$34.36
6405DC Cream Compact D51 .5 oz6405C$42.95 C$34.36
6404DC Camouflage Cream Tub 30 g6404C$42.95 C$34.36
6403DC Body Camouflage 1 oz6403C$42.95 C$34.36
6402Kryolan Fixier Non-Aerosol 100 ml6402C$28.95 C$23.16
6439Princessa 03 Brown .25 G6439C$1.99
6436OPI Nail Apps Pink Silver Lace 16/Pack6436C$9.95 C$3.95
6434OPI Nail Apps Zig Zag Sparkle 16/Pack6434C$9.95 C$3.95
6433OPI Nail Apps Geometric Sparkle 16/Pack6433C$9.95 C$3.95
6430OPI Nail Apps Pink & Black Lace 16/Pack6430C$9.95 C$3.95
6428OPI Nail Apps Reptile 16/Pack6428C$9.95 C$3.95
6427OPI Nail Apps Parisian 16/Pack6427C$9.95 C$3.95
6432OPI Nail Apps Sequins 16/Pack6432C$9.95 C$3.95
6487Art Club Duo Pen Sea Lavender .35 oz6487C$3.99 C$2.39
6500Art Club Duo Pen Holo Lilac .35 oz6500C$3.99 C$2.39
6499Art Club Duo Pen Holo Steel .35 oz6499C$3.99 C$2.39
6458TV Paint Stick FS38 25 g6458C$32.95
6457TV Paint Stick FS36 25 g6457C$32.96
6788Swarovski Crystal SS20 1440/Pack6788C$190.00
6455DC Camouflage Cream 4 g6455C$24.95 C$19.96
6454DC Erase Stick D13 4 g6454C$21.50 C$17.20
6492Art Club Duo Pen Neon Green .35 oz6492C$3.99
01.Buffer White Mini 100/180 Single
02.Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack
03.Buffer Block White 120 Single
04.Nail Clipper Straight
05.GiGi Paraffin Lavender 1 lb
06.SureFit Glove Latex Powder Free Small

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