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All Products
Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
5916Silkline Pen 10P Pearl Mauve 10 ml5916C$3.99
5917Silkline Pen 11P Wine 10 ml5917C$3.99
5919Silkline Pen 13P Pearl Amethyst 10 ml5919C$3.99
5920Silkline Pen 14P Pearl Sand 10 ml5920C$3.99
5921Silkline Pen 15P Pearl Pink 10 ml5921C$3.99
5922Silkline Pen 16P Pearl Peach 10 ml5922C$3.99
5923Silkline Pen 17P Pearl Light Pi 10 ml5923C$3.99
5930Silkline Pen 23CS Sparkle Blue 10 ml5930C$3.99
5936Silkline Pen 7R Regular Burgund 10 ml5936C$3.99
5937Silkline Pen 8R Regular Coral 10 ml5937C$3.99
5938Silkline Pen 9P Pearl Gray 10 ml5938C$3.99
5945IBD Builder Gel Clear 3.4 oz5945C$89.99
7710CND Brisa Gel Pure White Opaque 1.5 oz7710C$80.88
5971NSI Elation White Nail Tips 2 50/Pack5971C$7.95
5978NSI Elation White Nail Tips 9 50/Pack5978C$7.95
5983Attraction Rebalance White 700 g5983C$119.95
6029Zero Color Bleaching Cream 250 g6029C$29.99
8413Vinylux Daring Escape 15 ml8413C$7.45 C$5.96
5996Color Club Club Bleu5996C$6.99 C$2.00
5993OPI Brilliance Buffer Block 6/Pack5993Call for Price!
6001Color Club Citronic6001C$6.99 C$2.00
6010BaBylissPro Hot Air Styler 19 mm6010C$62.50
7678Princessa Angled Contour Brush7678C$5.99 C$3.00
6019Kryolan Metallique Luxury 1 Palette6019C$62.95 C$50.36
6299Roses Bath Confetti Purple 49/Box6299C$39.95 C$19.98
8802Color Club 1029 Something New 15 ml8802C$3.99
6238OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! 15 ml6238Call for Price!
6082OPI Absolute Truly Natural 300 g6082Call for Price!
6080OPI Absolute Brilliant Pink 300 g6080Call for Price!
6068OPI Absolute Liquid Monomer 16 oz6068Call for Price!
6067OPI Absolute Intro Kit6067Call for Price!
6079OPI Absolute Translucent Pink 300 g6079Call for Price!
6148Maestro Pedicure Spa6148C$16,233.00 C$12,986.40
6229INM Acrylic Holo Copper 1.5 oz6229C$29.95
6081OPI Absolute Opaque Pink 300 g6081Call for Price!
6103GelColor Suzi Says Feng 15 ml6103Call for Price!
6108GelColor A Good Man-darin 15 ml6108Call for Price!
6110GelColor Brisbane Bronze 15 ml6110Call for Price!
6114GelColor A Grape Fit! 15 ml6114Call for Price!
6116GelColor My Private Jet 15 ml6116Call for Price!
6138OPI Absolute Liquid Monomer 870 ml6138Call for Price!
6178Kryolan Dry Rouge R19 .15 oz6178C$15.95 C$12.76
6153Simplicity LE Pedicure Spa6153C$5,510.00 C$4,408.00
6154Simplicity SE Pedicure Spa6154C$4,533.00 C$3,626.40
6177Kryolan Dry Rouge TO .15 oz6177C$15.95 C$12.76
6149Echo SE Pedicure Spa6149C$7,133.00 C$5,706.40
6190Kryolan Lashes Peacock Black6190C$17.95 C$14.36
6191Kryolan Lashes Peacock White6191C$17.95 C$14.36
6193Kryolan Lashes Peacock Red6193C$17.95 C$14.36
6194Kryolan Lashes Stargirl S26194C$17.95 C$14.36
6179Kryolan Dry Rouge R9 .15 oz6179C$15.95 C$12.76
6174Kryolan Concealer Cube 16174C$27.95 C$22.36
6150Signature Drop-In Basin6150C$2,811.00 C$2,248.80
6180Kryolan Dry Rouge Shading Red .15 oz6180C$15.95 C$12.76
6152Vantage VE Pedicure Spa6152C$5,680.00 C$4,544.00
6156Discharge Pump6156C$390.00
6155Pedicute Portable Footspa6155C$1,260.00 C$1,008.00
6168Avanti Turbo Hairdryer Red6168C$137.50
6188Kryolan Lashes Peacock Pink6188C$17.95 C$14.36
6197DC Cream Compact D55 .5 oz6197C$42.95 C$34.36
6196DC Cream Compact D56 .5 oz6196C$42.95 C$34.36
6187Kryolan Lashes Peacock Owl6187C$17.95 C$14.36
6186Kryolan Dry Rouge 075 .15 oz6186C$15.95 C$12.76
6185Kryolan Dry Rouge 665G .15 oz6185C$15.95 C$12.76
6181Kryolan Dry Rouge Lake .15 oz6181C$15.95 C$12.76
6183Kryolan Dry Rouge T1 .15 oz6183C$15.95 C$12.76
6182Kryolan Dry Rouge TC1 .15 oz6182C$15.95 C$12.76
6214Kryolan Lashes Showgirl SG-26214C$11.95 C$9.56
6166Organic Argan Oil Spray 120 ml6166C$24.95
6202INM WIG Silk Strips 2/Pack6202C$8.50
6218Kryolan Dry Rouge TC2 .15 oz6218C$15.95 C$12.76
6287Ardell 139 Glamour6287C$5.95 C$2.99
6290Ardell 311 Accents6290C$5.95
6302Roses Bath Confetti Yellow 49/Box6302C$39.95 C$19.98
6298Roses Bath Confetti Pink 49/Box6298C$39.95 C$19.98
6305Friends Pro Barber Shaver Pack6305C$9.99
6316Kryolan Dry Rouge Youth Red .15 oz6316C$15.95 C$12.76
6317Kryolan Dry Rouge SM .15 oz6317C$15.95 C$12.76
6318Kryolan Dry Rouge R6 .15 oz6318C$15.95 C$12.76
6319Kryolan Dry Rouge Shading Brown .15 oz6319C$15.95 C$12.76
01.Buffer White Mini 100/180 Single
02.Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack
03.Buffer Block White 120 Single
04.Nail Clipper Straight
05.GiGi Paraffin Lavender 1 lb
06.SureFit Glove Latex Powder Free Small

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