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All Products
Product Number Product Name Part Number Price  
8452CND Solar Oil .25 oz8452C$5.88
1206Epillyss Azulen Lukewarm Wax 20 oz1206C$16.00
523Coccinelle Pure White Acrylic 23 oz523C$119.99
5033Footlogix Shoe Deodorant 10 125 ml5033Call for Price!
8099Spa Sugar Scrub Lavender Packette8099C$2.00
4934Spa Moisture Mask Lemongrass 15 oz4934C$17.99 C$10.79
8494OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-go? 15 ml8494Call for Price!
1931OPI A Good Man-darin is Hard to 15 ml1931Call for Price!
418INM Top Coat Hologram Silver 2.5 oz418C$24.95
6159CND Lavender & Jojoba 8.3 oz6159C$7.75
1002IBD Soak Off Intoxicating 7 g1002C$14.95
1004IBD Soak Off Sweet Kisses 7 g1004C$14.95
1005IBD Soak Off First Date 7 g1005C$14.95
1006IBD Soak Off Unspoken Moments 7 g1006C$14.95
1008IBD Soak Off Crush 7 g1008C$14.95
1009IBD Soak Off Love Notes 7 g1009C$14.95
1011IBD Soak Off Hopeless Romantic 7 g1011C$14.95
1012IBD Soak Off Dreamy 7 g1012C$14.95
1013IBD Soak Off Must Have 7 g1013C$14.95
1016IBD Soak Off Retail Therapy 7 g1016C$14.95
1017IBD Soak Off Pre-sale 7 g1017C$14.95
1018IBD Soak Off On Sale 7 g1018C$14.95
1019IBD Soak Off Maxed Out 7 g1019C$14.95
1022IBD Soak Off Too Many Shoes 7 g1022C$14.95
1024IBD Soak Off Over The Limit 7 g1024C$14.95
1026IBD Soak Off Girl's Night Out 7 g1026C$14.95
1027IBD Soak Off Who's Driving 7 g1027C$14.95
1028IBD Soak Off Wall Dressed Up 7 g1028C$14.95
1029IBD Soak Off After Party 7 g1029C$14.95
1031IBD Soak Off Social Butterfly 7 g1031C$14.95
1032IBD Soak Off Party Dress 7 g1032C$14.95
1033IBD Soak Off I'm With The DJ 7 g1033C$14.95
1037IBD Soak Off Glitter Glitzy Gle 7 g1037C$14.95
1042IBD Soak Off Glitter Sun Bronze 7 g1042C$14.95
1043IBD Soak Off Glitter Fool's Gol 7 g1043C$14.95
1044IBD Soak Off Glitter Peach Para 7 g1044C$14.95
1045IBD Soak Off Glitter Chandlier 7 g1045C$14.95
1046IBD Soak Off Glitter Pave Diamo 7 g1046C$14.95
1048IBD Soak Off Passionate 7 g1048C$14.95
1063IBD Tangerine Dream Gel .25 oz1063C$14.95
1066IBD Xtreme Gel Perfect French Kit1066C$79.95
1081IBD Cabernet .25 oz1081C$14.95
1082IBD Rose .25 oz1082C$14.95
1085IBD UV Top Coat 4 oz1085C$59.95
109Avanti Universal Voltage black 1/2"109C$30.00
1091IBD Soak Off Gel Kit1091C$69.95
1113IBD Soak Off Passion .25 oz1113C$14.95
1159MedPro Finger Cot Large Large1159C$6.78
116BaBylissPro Digital Iron Blue 1-1/2"116C$125.00
1164Gehwol Fusskraft Hydrolipid 125 ml1164C$17.99
117Avanti Ultra Wet Dry Black 1-3/8"117C$149.95
1179Gehwol Med Deodorant Foot Cream 75 ml1179C$15.99
1184Gehwol Corn Plaster 8/Box1184C$6.99
1185Gehwol Blister Plaster 6/Box1185C$10.50
123Dannyco Large Boar Oak123C$15.00
1262Nobility Lemon Brite #11 1/8 oz1262C$17.49 C$5.25
1263Nobility Apple Red 1/8 oz1263C$17.49 C$5.25
1264Nobility Silver Flakes #41 1/8 oz1264C$17.49 C$5.25
1265Nobility Pearl Drops #10 1/8 oz1265C$17.49 C$5.25
1279Nobility Tickled Pink #15 1/8 oz1279C$17.49 C$5.25
1281Nobility Ocean View #4 1/8 oz1281C$17.49 C$5.25
1282Nobility Dragon Fruit #19 1/8 oz1282C$17.49 C$5.25
1283Nobility Flamingo Pink #9 1/8 oz1283C$17.49 C$5.25
1284Nobility Lemon Tart #42 1/8 oz1284C$17.49 C$5.25
1285Nobility Wine Tasting #29 1/8 oz1285C$17.49 C$5.25
1286Nobility My Fair Lady #32 1/8 oz1286C$17.49 C$5.25
135BaBylissPro Nano Curling Iron 3/4"135C$56.00
136Isinis Ceramic 3 Barrel Waving 5/8"136C$62.00
1363ManiSation Manicure Exfoliant 32 oz1363C$29.99 C$15.00
140BaBylissPro Compact Hairdryer140C$93.50
1412Nail Tek I 15 ml1412C$9.95
1414Nail Tek 3 15 ml1414C$9.95
1415Nail Tek Xtra 4 15 ml1415C$9.95
1426Nail Art Cracked Ice Pack1426C$19.99
143Zazen Professional Nano Silver143C$68.50
1432Q Buffers 1 Course 10/Pack1432C$6.25
1436Q Buffers 5 Chamois Small 2/Pack1436C$7.50
1437Q Buffers 5 Chamois Big 2/Pack1437C$10.00
1439Q Buffers 5 Chamois Handle Big 2/Pack1439C$11.25
144Zazen Ceramic Hair Dryer144C$55.00
01.Silkline Disposable Wipes Small 200/Pack
02.Buffer White Mini 100/180 Single
03.Nail Clipper Straight
04.Buffer Block White 120 Single
05.Silkline 2 Sided Foot File Wood
06.SureFit Glove Latex Powder Free Small

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